The definition of what it is to be a man has shifted a lot over time, however, finding an answer to it has always been fraught, in the UK and around the world. Regrettably, men tend to shy away from earnest conversations about their feelings and the growing pressures society puts on body image. As a result, social media platforms are having a serious effect on mental health and well-being.
"Dysmorphia" explores the emotional journey of overcoming what we don't like about ourselves to find a place of acceptance, promoting body positivity.
Director & Concept | William Samaha
Producer | Zoltan Adorjan
Mental Health Advisor | James Downs
Talent | Michael Ruben
DOP | Bertrand Rocourt
Steadicam | Michael Vega
1st AC | Ben Grady
Gaffer | Shaun Wauldie
Colorist | Michael Pearce
Assistant Producer | Tom Cawte
Runner | Jurijs Subotins
Equipment | ARRI Rental & Direct Digital
Studios | 220Bricklane Studios + FletcherWilson Studios
Special Thanks | Nomi Mehmood, Adam Kirstein
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