The Brief
Design and build an art installation based on the University's research in levitation technology, to be displayed in an exhibition in Bristol in July 2019.
The Tech
In recent years, a group of researchers at Sussex Uni has made huge strides in acoustic levitation, making it possible to levitate and move a single 2mm-bead in midair.
Acoustic Levitation uses sound waves to generate pockets of high and low pressure in air. Small objects in these pockets can be moved around by the pressure of the air around them.
The Project
We created Pollen, an installation offering a futuristic vision of our planet where insects have gone instinct and replaced by pollinating robots. 
It is a striking contrast between nature as we know it today and the way it could look if we kept giving up on it and invading it with more electronics. We proposed a harsh contrast between the beauty of a levitating butterfly and the desolation of dead bees.
Pollen presents a vision of the future where nature has been replaced by technology because humans couldn't save it.
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